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Hi, I'm Lili creator of Wander & Find! 

I was born and raised in Barcelona, Spain with a British mother and Hungarian father. So, naturally, we traveled all around Europe visiting friends and family. My family moved to the United States when I was 14 and I currently live in Los Angeles, CA.

I created Wander & Find because I needed an outlet for my love of travel and beauty. My friends kept asking me for advice when planning trips, and fun experiences. Because of my love for beauty and fashion they came to me for pointers on how to get that perfect winged liner. 

         5 Random Facts About Me

  • At 19, my job was to get shot out of a canon and swim in a tank with pythons.

  •  John Kelly Chocolates are LIFE. I. Am. Obsessed. 

  • I am an actor, pro makeup artist and a stunt driver.

  • I could eat mushrooms and olives for the rest of my life.

  • My idea of a perfect day is playing tennis and going to Costco. lol...seriously.