Alt Summit SLC


Welcome to my city and my state Alt Summit! (Am I claiming Utah as my state? Whaaaaaa?! Colorado pride is fading…)

This is the first time I will have participated in this wonderful design/blog conference here in SLC. I have always wanted to be involved in this. I would just sit here and read what all the other bloggers would wear, learn and report from the conference. I would be so jealous.

Then! About 2 years ago I got serious about starting/relaunching a blog. (I had started oh, about…4 blogs before this one.) I read, researched and studied every blog. And kept reading, researching and studying. Getting nowhere. Then my senior year in school came and I need a BFA project…I thought, kill 2 birds with one stone?! I started it officially! …well the reading, researching and studying started officially. I had a design class from the fabulous foodie blogger Heidi from and she pushed me to JUST DO IT. So I put my research to work and bought this domain and got all the handles. Still nothing. It sat here for months. What am I going to say? write? do?? Then I interned with Heidi and learned more. I knew Alt Summit was coming, so I saved up for it. And bought my ticket within minutes of the tickets going on sale! I knew once I bought my ticket I had only a few months to really try. It motivated me to JUST DO IT. JUST TO WRITE & DO!

This blog is┬ánothing special or anything, but I’m proud of it. I haven’t quit! Now, my blog is nowhere close to where I want it to be but that’s why I am going to Alt. And I am amped to make an awesome bloggy blog!

Goals for ALT SUMMIT:

  1. Figure out what direction I want my content to go. I feel all over the place…?
  2. Be a better writer & photographer.
  3. Have awesome, original DIYs/crafts.
  4. Network with fellow awesome bloggers and collaborate!
  5. Start/contribute a local Utah bloging community.
  6. Learn to manage my time and posts.
  7. Utilize social media better.

My heart says to BE BRAVE, so I will.